Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where to now?

Well, dear friends, I've been casting about wondering what direction this blog can possibly go now that I have completed the worst of my treatments. I don't know. I just feel somewhat at sea right now as far as any commentary goes.

I feel incredibly blessed to have weathered the treatments as well as I have and am thankful that my life can resume some semblance of normalcy. Of course there are the herceptin infusions every 3 weeks and I am continuing physical therapy for the time being.

Cary and I plan to go to our place at Fanning after VBS is over. We will be taking Olivia and Ana back to their mother after this trip. Ana plans to live with her mom. This will be a major change in all our lives, but we are praying for Jenny and Brian to make a family with the girls and their new baby boy due in August.

Perhaps when it cools off in the fall, I'll grab my camera and share photos and a little descriptive prose to go along with the pictures. I've seen so many things lately I wanted to take shots of but didn't have my camera along. One shot I missed was the banners the new owners put up on the old Christian-Reber home during the 4th of July. They took them down before I could get back with my camera. Those banners gently rippling in the breeze just seemed to be whispering a promise to that old house and all passers by that better times are on the way!

Love to all,
Linda Gail


  1. One whole month and no chicken update? Boo Hoo!

    Flowers, eggs, name-sake grands and the first great grand!. Spill the news, please LG! At the very least, we could all grumble about the long hot summer.