Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sheba leads the way!

This is pretty much the way Sheba and I spent our day yesterday. I'm not sure if I was so tired because of the atmospheric pressure or whether after getting done with radiation treatments my brain just called for it. Whatever was going on, I laid around most of the day.

Just finished Anna Quinlan's "Every Last One". Quite a story, but sad. I do recommend it as a good read. I had her "One True Thing" on hand also, so I started it yesterday.

I plan to clean today. Cary is driving down to meet Jenny and pick Ana up. Ana will be in church camp next week. She's very excited about it. She will be with a group camping out, planning and cooking their own meals, etc. I'm a little concerned about mosquitoes because she is so allergic to the bites. We've bought "off" spray and Off now puts out a battery operated bug repellent I thought might be good to use at night while she sleeps.

Wow! The rain yesterday was something else. Best we've had in quite some time. I probably need to fertilize again. I'm sure anything I put out earlier this year was washed to China! I did manage to dead head my hydrangeas yesterday. That's an easy job that doesn't take too long. I'll miss their beautiful blooms in the garden. Sister Teresa continues to shine, however. She's white and the blooms change a little but are very resilient.

Bobbie sent me a little plastic thing that resembled a douche bag. It has two suction cups. I had to call her to find out what to do with it. Seems she bought it when she visited Butchart Gardens. They used them to display fresh flowers on the windows! It is open on the top and has 3 sections to it. Oh, heck! I'll just take a photo and show you! The photo with my china cabinet is the first place I put it. I have blinds on my windows which creates a little problem. But then I decided I wanted to see how it looked in a window. Brighter flowers would help a lot, but right now I have only Sister Teresa hydranges. Well, that's not true exactly. I could cut some of my Black Eyed Susans. But, I want them to reseed for next year so I've left them entirely alone. Anyway, isn't that a neat way to display flowers?

Let us all pray that our 4th of July will be celebrated without any crazies out there trying to make a statement!

Love to all,
Linda Gail


  1. How great to have the last few posts. And the answers to a few questions as well as updates. Hope to see you at yoga when we get going again.

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann. I'm looking forward to getting back to yoga. My muscles need toning and my spirit needs soothing.