Friday, March 19, 2010

Ready to Dig!

I have loaded the little dish garden on my face book page, so for everyone on face book with me, please just bear with me! My little garden has bibb lettuce, dill, chives, and narcissus. Cary took some sprouting red bliss potatoes from the kitchen and planted them in my front bed. They have sprouted out and so far have not fallen victim to the scratching chickens.

My book club met yesterday. Laurel brought me the beautiful camellia pictured below. It is at least 3" to 4" across and she said the first blossoms on this bush were much larger. What a dreamy blossom! We discussed "American Eve, The Crime of the Century". It is quite a story and gives real insight into the way things were for women in the late 18th, early 1900's.

I have seeds for the Blue Hyacinth Vine I had on my front trellis last year. The flowers look like sweet peas and once they are gone, pretty purple beans adorn the vine. Thought I'd give them to the garden club for their sale in April, but if anyone wants a few seeds, just let me know and I'll mail you a start. You need a bright, sunny location and a strong trellis. I am enclosing a photo below for you to see.

I didn't feel as well after my 4th infusion as I have in the past 3. My food tasted bitter and metallic. But, this morning my cereal tasted almost normal, so perhaps that has passed. I have yoga in a little while which I am looking forward to. My physical therapist has cut me back on visits since the scar tissue is broken down some and my range of motion is near perfect. I really do like going to PT. The scar tissue is already bothering me since normally I would have gone yesterday for another session.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Morning After

So far, so good, friends. My infusion went very well yesterday. Cary took me to Ruby Tuesday's later for lunch. I love their hamburgers with avocado slices on top. It wasn't as tasty this time because I had to order it well done. That's one thing about chemo treatments. You have to change the way you eat. We saw friends there who came and sat with us a few minutes.

A funny thing happened in the parking lot as we were getting back into our car. We noticed a tall, redheaded, obviously of Jewish descent, young man. As we were entering our car (the guy and his obviously gentile girlfriend were just two cars over) Cary said, "There's King David." The guy heard him, turned his head our way, and smiled. As they were walking toward the mall, he evidently relayed the remark to his girlfriend and she turned and smiled at us as we drove by. I wonder how many times that fellow has heard that. I got to thinking last night about him and I wondered if he might actually be a descendant of Kind David. Anyway, it was an amusing diversion that obviously entertained the other couple without any offense. We could use more of that in this ole world!

Speaking of red, I mentioned a red jungle fowl in my blog yesterday. I thought I would try to post his picture along with a photo of The Sultan. Lindy's remark regarding The Sultan is right on the mark, "He didn't fall far from the proverbial family tree! So, here goes!

This is the Red Jungle from the web:

This is The Sultan:

Not the prettiest photo of The Sultan, but since I want to get this posted I won't wait until I can take a better one. This photo of The Sultan was taken when he was still immature. He's now in his full plumage and quite gorgeous! Maybe I'll take a photo and post it later.

Looking forward to a great day! Hope you all have one too.

Love you all,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Infusion #4

By this evening I will be past the half-way point with my chemo infusions. I have made a habit of saying when asked how I'm tolerating the infusions that "so far" I have done very well. I guess in the back of my mind, I think they will snowball on me sooner or later. Anyway, I covet your prayers for continued tolerance and blood reports that allow the infusions to continue.

When we go to the infusion center we meet and/or see others who are in much worse condition than I am. People tell me all the time how positive I am, what a trooper I am. I must say, Stage II cancer with a positive prognosis is much easier to be positive about than say, Stages III, IV, etc. or in situations where the cancer has gone to other organs of the body including the brain. I met a lady last time, Alice, who is going through her second round of chemo. The cancer is in her brain and her husband shared with Cary she has very little time. I am hoping to see her today.

I have to take a medication the day before, the day of and the day after my infusions. It typically robs me of sleep. Last night I went to sleep about midnight and awoke before 5 a.m. It wasn't long before I heard the Sultan crowing away. Once he gets started crowing in the mornings, he keeps up a steady chorus. I wondered why roosters crow, so I looked it up on google. The best anyone can say is that roosters crow to establish that they are here, this is their territory and by the way, I have this harem of hens that are all mine - so, "back off buddy." The experts seem to think our domesticated chickens are descended from the wild red jungle fowl. When I googled the red jungle fowl I got a picture of guess who? Someone who looked strikingly like the Sultan! The things you learn.

Namasta (I honor the Spirit within you that is also within me),

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve

Just a couple of photos from our trip to Ft. Myers and Sanibel Island. We saw so many birds in the Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel. I saw rose colored spoon bills which were not close enough to photograph, but which were quite beautiful. The weather was warm during the day, though the wind still had some chill in it. Jim and Janet built a fire every night in their fireplace. We had a lovely time, in spite of cooler temperatures than we expected

I am experiencing some discomfort under my arm where scar tissue continues to be a problem. I slacked off on my exercises, so perhaps that is at least part of the problem. This is a condition I expect will always be a problem. It's just a matter of my making up my mind to stay after it with exercise and self massage.

I have puttered around in my yard a little this week. I brought back a few petunias I found on the reduced rack at Lowes. I have planted them in pots since the chickens would decimate them in the ground. I scattered quite a few wildflower seeds a month or so ago and so far don't see any plants coming up. Wondering if the chickens got those too.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going South

Thought I might make everyone envious. Cary and I are headed to Ft. Myers tomorrow. I'm hoping for some warmer weather and maybe even a trip to the beach. We have very good friends living there, Jim and Janet Elliott. I met Janet in 1977 when Ben was only 6 months old. She and I met, I believe, at the Methodist Church. Or it could have been through the preschool program that Marion Keep ran on top of the hill where Hunter's Antiques is now. Her daughter, Laura, and our Katie were both attending there.

Through the years we have visited them many times and have traveled with them several times. Of fondest memory is a trip we made with our campers up to Canada. We stopped by places of interest along the way. Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, was my favorite. Janet was always organized, a great camper and planner, and never failed to have lunch ready at some scenic roadside picnic area! Truly a jewel of a person to camp with!

My physical therapy is going very well. In fact, my physical therapist may dismiss me until my radiation begins. This is more a consideration of what my insurance will pay for but also my range of motion is about maximum at this point. I find yoga a much more relaxing and satisfying way to stretch than the required exercises from PT. Many of the yoga asanas accomplish the same stretches. I may try to work out a little yoga routine to do at home and leave off some of the PT exercises.

Today is such a beautiful, sunny day. I haven't been out to see how cold it is, but perhaps I'll take Mickey for a short walk.