Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Leg

This week should see me through the completion of my radiation. I have two more treatments on the scar tissue and expect to take the last two on my chest wall Wed. and Thurs. I am still very uncomfortable, though some of the burned area is healing. I expect the two days on the chest wall will cause some new burns and more healing to be done. Tomorrow will be a full day. Beginning at 10:30 I will be getting an echo cardiogram. At 12 Noon I'm in for a herceptin infusion and at 1:20 I get radiation.

Someone asked me about the bees. The bees have doubled in number and the brood box is nearly full. They have it capped off at the bottom. Cary expects to have 90,000 bees by the end of July. They are eating a half gallon of sugar water a week. They are interesting to watch. There are guards at the entrance to the hive to make sure no uninvited guests come in. As the worker bees land and crawl inside you can plainly see the pollen on their legs. One day I was standing out under my vitex tree around noon and a solid chorus of buzzing was going on up in the blossoms. Quite pleasant and reassuring to know that insects so essential to ensuring that plants continue to seed are so industrious!

Linda Grace continues to thrive, gaining about an ounce a day. She seems to be a very relaxed, laid back baby. Of course, after three children, I'm sure Katie is a much calmer, laid back Mama!

Linda Gail


  1. I'll keep you in my prayers. And even light the angel candle for you as I did at the beginning of your treatments.
    Good to hear about the bees. Aren't they supposed to get their own sugar water? What kind of honey do you call it? Cane or beet honey? Did the bees tell you to do this?
    Great about Linda Grace!

  2. A Glad Tidings post! You are almost at the end of the treatments and the bees are also happy. So are the kids, grands and the chicks. Life is good. :))

  3. meme, that day that u posted this was annies birthday i hope you didnt forget :), analyse