Thursday, June 3, 2010

Linda Grace, Lightning, Legs and Radiation

Katie's c-section has been moved up to June 9th, this coming Wednesday. Her blood pressure continues to be high as well as her blood sugar. Linda Grace weighs about 7 lbs. and is practicing breathing, so the doctor feels confident she's ready to greet the world! I am so excited about her coming. Another little one to dote on and get sugars from! I'll post a photo as soon as I have one.

My internet service has been down since last Friday due to a lightning strike that took out the chip inside my computer that communicates, the internet modem and my printer. The lightning hit a tall palm tree on the south side of the house. Once it left the tree, it cut a trench about 12' long and about 6" deep through my flower bed, decimating a Shooting Star Hydrangea and ruining the new growth on two old French Hydrangeas. Shooting Star will make it, but it's beauty has been stripped this year and I had been feasting on it with my eyes for several days!

I have been experiencing severe pain in my legs, particularly late in the evening. It began as muscle soreness and continued to get worse. Then about 4 or 5 days ago, my left sciatic pain kicked in robbing me of rest at night. I realized it must be related to the Herceptin drug I take every 3 weeks. One of the side effects is muscle pain and heart problems, our hearts being the largest muscle in our bodies. Before I began taking Herceptin the doctor ordered an echo-cardiogram and every three months following the beginning of the treatment. My next treatment was scheduled for Monday but my next appointment with my oncologist wasn't until Wednesday. I called his office today and spoke with his nurse. She recommended canceling the next treatment. I don't know whether I will be able to continue on this medication or not. I do know I can't continue to endure the pain.

I had my 12th radiation treatment today, leaving 18 more to go. I'll reach the half-way mark on Tuesday. So far I have tolerated them very well but am beginning to feel the skin tighten up and itch. I use an aloe product immediately following the radiation, then reapply it and real aloe again that night and the next morning. I must rinse it off before my next treatment. The radiation department is very efficient. Once I'm on the table, I'm out in about 13 minutes. I haven't had to wait over 5 minutes for an appointment since I began. Today Cary and I were almost home within an hour of leaving the house.

Our good friends, Jan and Jim Elliott, were here this past weekend. We had a very "laid back" weekend. They enjoyed being in the country, particularly visiting Lee's garden. It is quite something to see. They also went with us to the end of year program of DKNP home school. The students did a Greek play complete with beautiful props. Parents brought covered dishes for a delicious dinner afterward. Maggie really hammed up her part in the play. It was obvious she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Jan and I ran around in the golf cart and visited Mary Ann Kelley to see the garden her grandfather began in the early 1900's. We got a twofer! Mary Ann took us to her woodland garden(which Mary Ann calls her "Secret Garden") out in the pines. It was delightful and enchanting.

That about brings you up to date on our news. I'm just about sick of Freckles (Mother Hen). Her biddies are big enough to fend for themselves but she still runs herd on all the other hens. Anything that comes in that pen (to eat) is hers and her biddies. She still occupies the top roost and is generally a bitch.

'til later,


  1. Laughing my tail feathers off, Linda.(about Freckles the bitch)

    Carey was telling me about your lightning strike the other day. I told him that I lived to read your blog and it had been awhile.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I think of you often. Sorry to hear about Katie's situation - hope it all turns out well.

    Looking forward to summe, jenn

  2. My blood pressure and sugar are only marginally high, so this shift is really for my comfort more than anything. Baby seems to be trying to climb out every eve about 1 a.m.! I hope that ceasing the herceptin will give you some relief.

  3. Please send me an email, not via facebook or blogger, so that I can add your address to my currently vacant address books on the computers.

    Please LMK if you are the "bell pepper fairy."

    When we returned from the Chiefland Watermelon Fest and shopping in town on Sat., there were peppers and rain water on the back porch. :))