Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Serendipity Day

My treatment yesterday may become my last radiation treatment. I thought I had one more scar tissue and 2 more chest wall treatments but yesterday I had my last scar tissue treatment. When I saw my oncologist, she didn't think my skin was ready for 2 more chest wall treatments. I have raw tissue under my arm where the tubes exited my body after surgery. I'm to go back to her next Tuesday and if I've healed enough, I will go ahead with 2 more chest wall treatments.

The serendipity part of this is that today is my mom's 89th birthday and because I didn't have to go back for another treatment, I drove over to see Mother on her special day. I bought us both fried chicken deli dinners at Hitchcock's in Newberry. We had a private dinner in the family room, then sat on the front porch where there was a gentle breeze cooling things off under an overcast sky.

Daphene, my Rhode Island Red hen, is no more. We let the chickens out yesterday after the shower Sunday night. They eat corn, corn, corn all the time and I feel sorry for them. I thought they'd enjoy scratching around in the damp earth, finding a few earth worms and eating greenery they like. When we returned home, Daphene was on the porch the obvious victim of a vicious animal. I suspect a dog but since no one seems to have actually witnessed the mischief, I won't ever know. Whatever it was trapped her in the corner wall of the front porch.

Dolly, the Americana pullet, has been exhibiting signs of wanting to sit on a nest. But I've caught my irascible alpha hen, Freckles,running her off. So today when I caught her at this, I let her out of the pen. After all, she can fly straight up into a tree if something starts chasing her! I later found a small blue egg, not in the nest, as I would expect, but on the ground. Maybe Dolly will get the hang of it if she's left alone long enough. The egg is bigger than a Mocking Bird's egg, but not by much. Very cute and pretty! Americana's are a cross breed from the Araucana chickens. They lay either green or blue eggs and are commonly called Easter Egg Chickens.

Someone asked why we are feeding the bees sugar water. They feed on this and store the honey they make from pollen rather than eating their honey. That way, they'll have a good store of honey for lean pollen months and we will be more likely to get more honey when we rob the hive.

Linda Gail


  1. So glad you got to spend the day with your Mom on her birthday. -- Sorry about your Daphene chickie. I know how you dote on those chickens. -- When you are done with treatments, we are going to celebrate and I will show you some water aerobics to help your range of motion. Hugs ~~

  2. I will look forward to that Laurel.

  3. So is Freckles now living in the tree? Is allowed back on McCollum property?

    Sorry about Daphne!

  4. No, Freckles is back with the other chicks. Just needed to get her out of the way for a few hours. She is too, too bossy!