Friday, April 16, 2010

Iddy biddy baby biddy

I'm happy to report that The Sultan still has a job! Mother Hen has two eggs under her, as well as the new baby. Hopefully they will hatch tonight or tomorrow sometime. I was surprised the baby was yellow. I guess I expected him to be dark, like his mommy. Anyway, he/she is adorable.

Silas spent another afternoon with me in the yards today. There's still plenty of weeding to do, but there always will be, won't there? I did buy a weed retardant that works for about 3 months, according to the label. It is a pre-emergent weed killer which prevents the weeds from coming back up. I haven't used it yet because I'm still waiting for the chicken pen to be finished (needs an overhead covering and a working gate). I wouldn't want them to get sick pecking away on this stuff.

Sorry to say that Sheba most likely broke up the mockingbird's nest. It was spoiled yesterday afternoon when Ana took a little peek. Sheba loves to catch birds and other small creatures and "play" with them. She has brought several bats through her pet door to the back porch, several squirrels, but never a mockingbird. But she must have tried to take the mother mockingbird from the nest. Those birds build their nest less than 4 feet off the ground, near the house, for heaven's sake! You'd think they would get far away from humans to start a family.

Sheba was just doing what cats were created to do, and that is hunt for prey. She later came in and curled up on my bed like the queen she is. She has learned to leave the chickens alone. The Sultan warned her off fairly early. We plan to keep the biddies in a little brooder box with their mom until they are big enough to get out with the rest of the flock. Lindy has 4 little pullets we are to get as soon as the pen is finished. One is an American Araucana and 3 are Rhode Island Reds. It will be interesting to see the dynamics of the flock, and The Sultan's reaction when his harem more than doubles!

Not much else happening around here. Just couldn't wait to share photo of our youngest member of the tribe!

Happy weekend,

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  1. A shame about the bird nest, but good news about the new chick. I like Araucanas - instant Easter eggs. Let us know when more biddies arrive (AND how the Sultan does with his new ladies).