Sunday, April 4, 2010

Infusion #5

Well, I haven't written a post in a couple of weeks. (Nobody seems to have noticed!) Tomorrow is infusion #5. Cary also has an appointment tomorrow at the VA so it will be a full day for us. Plus, I have my bible study tomorrow night on Joshua.

Olivia has been here since Wednesday, having gone back to her mom today. She enjoyed coloring eggs with Mark at Aunt Katie's and an egg hunt in their field. She made a new friend, Ashlynn, who participated in the egg hunt with her and Mark. They didn't really have time to get to know each other, but hopefully they will continue their friendship the next time Olivia visits.

My recovery time from infusion #4 took a little longer than previous ones. I still feel very fortunate to be getting along as well as I am. I've had a sinus infection for which I just finished antibiotics. The pollen has been extra heavy this year and even well, I normally have a lot of sinus trouble in the spring of the year.

Nothing witty or earth shaking to share. Up until recently I have felt a buoyancy of spirit. Lately, though, I have felt weary of this whole process and discouraged about my recovery around my arm. Nerves were damaged and scar tissue continues to be an issue. If I don't do my exercises, I feel it and if I do my exercises, I'm sore. And...I understand it gets worse again once the radiation begins. This is not meant in way of a complaint. Just sharing where I am right now.

The weather has been wonderful and I've enjoyed being warm! I'm a little frustrated I can't work in the yard, but keep telling myself next year, next year, next year!!!

Love to all,


  1. Of course, we all noticed that you were quiet this time. I think we are just trying to give you some space to recover after this next to hardest treatment and perhaps, this was the wrong thing to do. Going to email you now.
    L ~

  2. What do you mean we didn't notice? I check up on you often, and pray for you more often. NOW I'll start nagging when you don't post.

    Or not.

  3. I definately noticed and have started checking twice a day because I knew something was bound to be coming. I am glad you are sharing where you are in this journey as I have always appreciated your genuine nature. Will keep inspiring thoughts coming your way. Love you! Jennifer

  4. Thank you, dear ardent friends! It isn't that I really expect feedback on a regular basis. It is just difficult to know whether I am flinging my thoughts out into the ether land! I'll stop fishing now!! Love you all, Linda

  5. See mom, people do pay attention... Hang in there, though. It's likely to become a little more difficult before you see the light at the end of the treatment tunnel. I love that you try so hard not to get down or complain, tho I think a brief indulgence here or there is perfectly fine. I certainly don't mind. LOVE you! Pooh.