Thursday, April 15, 2010

Manifestations of Spring

I was going to title this post "Spring has Sprung" but honestly, the weather doesn't know it yet! Such turns in the weather this week with a little windy sprinkle bringing a chill back to the air and the wind just continues to blow!

The mocking bird's nest is located in one of my favorite camellia bushes. I've placed air-layers on several branches of the bush and those parents got really nervous. So far they aren't dive bombing me when I go outside, but I've seen mocking birds give Sheba, our cat, a really hard time. Sheba usually holes up in the house when she's under surveillance by the birds.

Years ago when our children were younger, Evans Smith told Cary after church one Sunday that we must have raised our children in a mocking bird's nest they all sang so pretty! I've cherished that remark and have to agree, all our children have fine, beautiful voices. Each child has their own style, too. Well, enough bragging!

Silas has been out two days this week helping me in the yard. He's helped me move two large bushes, set up an arch on the south sidewalk and do a lot of weeding and edging. Now I ask you, how many sons would take their vacation time to come help their Mothers? I really appreciate it too. Of all the things that need doing around here, the yard work depressed me the most. I dearly love having my yards cleaned and spring plantings done. Well, enough bragging. Did I say that already?

As to my physical well being, my energy continues to be very strong. After the last two infusions I have experienced more problems with my intestinal tract and I expect the last infusion will render the same results. It's just something I have to work through. Food hasn't tasted good for a longer period of time and I've completely quit trying to have my glass of red wine at night. Also, the scar tissue under my arm continues to be a problem. It becomes constricted if I don't exercise or if I do. Sort of a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation. I still see my physical therapist, though not as often. That's my report on my health issues. Please pray that I can work through this last infusion as well I have the last 5 and that I can get a handle on the scar tissue. I really am very thankful for fairing so well.

Cary got a really good report from his doctor the last visit he made. His exercise and weight loss have paid off so well that the doctor reduced his blood pressure medication by half. Also, he thought he might have to take meds for sugar diabetes but his sugar level was normal - also attributable to his exercise and weight loss!

My sister, Yvonne, is just 8 days from completing her radiation treatments. She has experienced a problem with burning so they've changed her treatments, giving her 6 days of booster shots rather than radiation, then the last 3 days she will have the radiation again. Evidently, the 6 days of booster shots usually comes at the last of the treatment but they felt her body needed the rest.

Oh! And I have a chicken report/update. Tomorrow the biddies should hatch that our little speckled hen has faithfully sat on for the past 20 days. We had another hen trying to set, but she had her nest outside the fenced nesting box area. I moved her into a nesting box, but she was having none of it! These Sumatrans are really not far from the jungle. I mean they are wild. Anyway, I feel badly for her and I know if Speckles does hatch out a couple of biddies, she's going to be very jealous. If Speckles doesn't hatch out a biddy, guess who is going to be replaced? As fine a looking rooster as he is, The Sultan will have to go! Any takers?

I hope everyone is enjoying spring, chill winds and all. It hasn't been that long since I was hovering around the wood burner. It feels wonderful to actually work up a sweat now and then!

Love to all,


  1. It was chilly last evening. The kids, FR and I tried to have a dinner picnic in the front yard and I hurried in afterwards because I was chilly.

    I wonder if acidophilus would help with the intestinal issues, to restore balance for the good bacteria in your digestive tract. It is helpful after rounds of antibiotics.

    It was nice to see Cary in carline yesterday. I was running late from work to pick my kids up, I only got to wave. I ended up having to call FR to pick Jaden up so he wouldnt be stranded.

  2. What a wonderful post. Spring (kind of), your chemo coming to an end. New chicks (hopefully). Thanks for your joy and love of life.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I am taking Culturelle, which is similar to acidophilus and it has helped. I plan to buy almond milk since I do have problems with cow's milk.