Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just checking in

I've been enjoying my camillas that are blooming. I am enclosing a photo of a little arrangement on my library table. For those of you who have not seen me sporting my new wig, I am also attaching a photo. I enjoy looking different and might not ever go back to my own hair! :>) I'm also enjoying the "nude" look when I just wear a little cap on my head. It's quite a freeing experience to have no hair. Though I expect I actually wouldn't want it to be a permanent condition, I think I could live with it.

How many of you are enjoying this warmer weather with bright, sunny skies? That's a silly question, I'm sure! I got out a while yesterday and today and just basked in it. Today I pulled moss from my plants on the south side of the house. The oak tree sheds moss and everything just drips with it. I am seriously considering having the tree sprayed to kill the moss.

Well, our mother hen finally returned to The Sultan. We had two other hens trying to set last week and The Sultan broke that up. Guess he didn't want any competition from possible male heirs. Sounds like David and Absalom to me. He actually pecked the heck out of one of the two and now she's off on her own and wouldn't come in to the roost this evening. These Sumatran game chickens are more wild than most chickens. I haven't spent any time trying to tame them, but Cary has. Lindy's little Blue Cochin hen has hatched out two of her own and adopted 7 mixed breed biddies she bought at Sparr. Her chickens are much more docile than ours. She feeds them grapes and raisins from her hand. She has 3 different breeds, so perhaps it has been more a matter of her's learning tolerance. Since our chickens are all the same breed, they haven't practiced accepting anyone different from themselves!

Tomorrow I will receive my 3rd infusion, marking half-way with the chemo treatments. I am anxious to see if I continue to tolerate the treatments as well as I have so far. I'll give you a little report on that in a couple of days.



  1. Beautiful! You, your flowers, your wig. My "Linda Gail candle" is burning for you.

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann.

    Please stop by sometime. Haven't seen you since I can't remember when.