Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just a regular Saturday

I have been so busy that I've actually not had time for the computer. Yesterday Cary and I were in town by 7:30 a.m. for an appointment with my physical therapist. We were home by 9 a.m. so I went to yoga. It was just what I needed. My lower back had awakened me the night before. Each asana strengthened my core and my back has been much better.

I had gone to the post office before yoga and received a large package from a pastry company in San Francisco, Ca. I didn't have time to open it, so my concentration might have been tampered with during yoga. When I got home and opened it, there were three boxes, each a different recipe, of delicious biscottis. My cousin, Betty, who was here in November, remembered me complaining that Sam's no longer sold Nonni's Biscottis and how much I missed them. She did a great job choosing because each one is good and chock full of flavor.

Almost every day brings a new surprise, a kindness, directed to me. I cannot describe how all this makes me feel, except to say "thank you" from my heart to yours, each of you. I would mention each of you by name, but don't wish to embarrass anyone. I know none of you know Betty so I don't feel I have to hid her identity. Those of you who quietly read my blog without comment, that is a gift too. Those of you who remember me to the Father, that is a gift.

Did you know the American Cancer Society furnishes new wigs and head gear to cancer patients who have lost their hair, all free of charge? A visit to their office in Ocala set me up with two nice wigs and several knitted caps. I'm not sure if the American Cancer Society is privately funded or not, but can you imagine the funds it must take to offer this free service?

I may have more news about biddies in a day or two and maybe some photos, so keep posted!

Linda Gail

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  1. Linda, I believe the American Cancer Society is privately funded. When our Daddy was stuck down with cancer they were ever so caring and providing. Anyone who is inclinded to contribute to such a worthy cause would be well done. I know a man up here thay was referred to the University of Alabama at Birmigham for a type of brain cancer and had to stay up there for some 6 weeks for radiation therapy each day. The cancer society funded fully their stay up there. So, yes,it's a very worthwhile organization as you have personally found out. I talked with Cary earlier. I'd love to attend Jay and Sandy's party but I'm afraid with the short notice it just won't be possible. I know I'll love Sandy just as much as I think of Jay, Bobbie, and her parents. I pray for their family even now. Nornie