Thursday, February 25, 2010

All is well

We had a pleasant surprise last weekend. Cary's oldest brother, Charles, and his wife, Caroline, came down to the Herlong Mansion in Micanopy to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They invited us to breakfast with them. The Herlong is a beautiful old mansion now being used as a bed and breakfast. If you are curious about it, you can just google it online. We had a very pleasant visit at the Herlong and they stopped by the house for a short visit on their way south afterwards.

I said I would give an update after my Monday infusion, so here it is. I am doing very well. I have kind of learned to get ahead of the after effects of the chemo and hope it continues to work.

Our church ladies began a new bible study Monday night. Actually, we just got through the introduction to it. It is on the book of Joshua. Joshua, as you may recall, was successor to Moses and actually led the children of Israel into Canaan, the promised land. That land is the same land that all the fighting and dispute is over to this day. The woman who wrote the study was born in Syria and raised in Lebanon. I am very anxious to learn what her study provides that will help me understand and get an insiders view of that region of the world.

Olivia was with us for almost two weeks until I returned her to her Mother last Friday. She stayed with Cary and I during the day and spent evenings with her Dad and sister, Ana. She is a very affectionate child, also very headstrong. We enjoyed her and we miss her.

Our other grands are thriving and doing well in their studies. Katie is home schooling Maggie, teaching science and social studies. Two other mothers are also homeschooling their children so between the three mothers all subjects are being covered. Annie and I had a pleasant afternoon last Saturday. She came over to help me make muffins for church fellowship. We watched a video from America's Test Kitchens a friend had loaned me. I had a quilt that I had intended to give Annie when she graduated from 5th grade at McIntosh Area School. Mrs. Wilma Ward from the Evinston community that Annie knew well before she passed, had made it. The school auctioned it the first year we were open and as would happen, a bidding war sprang up between Cary and a wonderful community supporter, Mrs. Louise Courtelis. Mrs. Courtelis finally outbid Cary, then very graciously gave me the quilt! Since Annie was in the first class to go from 1st grade through 5th at the school, and she knew the maker of the quilt, I felt it should be hers. So I took the occasion we had together Saturday to give her the quilt. I enclose a photo of the presentation. The pattern is a school house, printed on the fabric, not pieced. However, Mrs. Ward added applique to enhance the quilt.

I love hearing from all of you. My mailbox usually has several cute e-mails each day. Some I forward, some I don't, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a sweet presentation with the quilt. I can't get over how much Annie looks like Katie in this picture.

  2. Hey!

    Off topic but I thought you might like to meet my friend Dotty, who is under-going chemo at this time and also has a blog. YOu can find her here:

    Hope you are having a good weekend. I have ordered our books and think they will arrive by mid-week. Will call and then drop them by!

    Laurel ~