Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My sister, Yvonne, and her daughter, Amy, are here visiting for a couple of days. They live in the Savannah, Ga. area. Yvonne has met with her oncologist and it has been determined she will have to undergo radiation therapy. Amy is expecting her first child. She is so happy and we are all happy for her. She is the same age as Katie. Actually, Amy was born on the 3rd of July and Katie on the 5th, both of them barely missing being firecracker babies! Amy's baby is a boy whom they have decided to name Kenneth Graham and call him Graham. He is due the end of April.

Also, we have Olivia this week during the daytime while her daddy is working. She is such a sweet, loving child. She's a little hard on Mickey, but only because she loves him so much. I just discovered his bed propped up on something out of his reach and he was sitting around on the cold tile floor! Definitely a sign of Olivia's attentions!

Is everyone as anxious for warmer weather as I am? I can't remember such a committed winter as we've had this year in a long time. If the wind would just lay down outside, I think the sun would warm things up.

Stay warm,
Linda Gail

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  1. I figure it's good to see nothing posted. Must mean you're doing great. Reports are that you are looking good. I just figured out what seemed so odd about your no-hair photos. No BANGS. I don't think I ever saw your forhead before. I assume your new wig has bangs?
    Hope to see you soon.