Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Morning After

So far, so good, friends. My infusion went very well yesterday. Cary took me to Ruby Tuesday's later for lunch. I love their hamburgers with avocado slices on top. It wasn't as tasty this time because I had to order it well done. That's one thing about chemo treatments. You have to change the way you eat. We saw friends there who came and sat with us a few minutes.

A funny thing happened in the parking lot as we were getting back into our car. We noticed a tall, redheaded, obviously of Jewish descent, young man. As we were entering our car (the guy and his obviously gentile girlfriend were just two cars over) Cary said, "There's King David." The guy heard him, turned his head our way, and smiled. As they were walking toward the mall, he evidently relayed the remark to his girlfriend and she turned and smiled at us as we drove by. I wonder how many times that fellow has heard that. I got to thinking last night about him and I wondered if he might actually be a descendant of Kind David. Anyway, it was an amusing diversion that obviously entertained the other couple without any offense. We could use more of that in this ole world!

Speaking of red, I mentioned a red jungle fowl in my blog yesterday. I thought I would try to post his picture along with a photo of The Sultan. Lindy's remark regarding The Sultan is right on the mark, "He didn't fall far from the proverbial family tree! So, here goes!

This is the Red Jungle from the web:

This is The Sultan:

Not the prettiest photo of The Sultan, but since I want to get this posted I won't wait until I can take a better one. This photo of The Sultan was taken when he was still immature. He's now in his full plumage and quite gorgeous! Maybe I'll take a photo and post it later.

Looking forward to a great day! Hope you all have one too.

Love you all,


  1. Glad to hear the treatment went well. Looking forward to Thursday but don't feel you have to be the hostess.

  2. No, this pic definitely does not do the Sultan justice... He's every bit as colorfully macho as the red jungle rooster.

    Glad the young man didn't take offense, but I wonder what it was he said about dad that was so funny?! Hmmm.... maybe, "There goes that salty old Cracker."