Friday, March 19, 2010

Ready to Dig!

I have loaded the little dish garden on my face book page, so for everyone on face book with me, please just bear with me! My little garden has bibb lettuce, dill, chives, and narcissus. Cary took some sprouting red bliss potatoes from the kitchen and planted them in my front bed. They have sprouted out and so far have not fallen victim to the scratching chickens.

My book club met yesterday. Laurel brought me the beautiful camellia pictured below. It is at least 3" to 4" across and she said the first blossoms on this bush were much larger. What a dreamy blossom! We discussed "American Eve, The Crime of the Century". It is quite a story and gives real insight into the way things were for women in the late 18th, early 1900's.

I have seeds for the Blue Hyacinth Vine I had on my front trellis last year. The flowers look like sweet peas and once they are gone, pretty purple beans adorn the vine. Thought I'd give them to the garden club for their sale in April, but if anyone wants a few seeds, just let me know and I'll mail you a start. You need a bright, sunny location and a strong trellis. I am enclosing a photo below for you to see.

I didn't feel as well after my 4th infusion as I have in the past 3. My food tasted bitter and metallic. But, this morning my cereal tasted almost normal, so perhaps that has passed. I have yoga in a little while which I am looking forward to. My physical therapist has cut me back on visits since the scar tissue is broken down some and my range of motion is near perfect. I really do like going to PT. The scar tissue is already bothering me since normally I would have gone yesterday for another session.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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