Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve

Just a couple of photos from our trip to Ft. Myers and Sanibel Island. We saw so many birds in the Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel. I saw rose colored spoon bills which were not close enough to photograph, but which were quite beautiful. The weather was warm during the day, though the wind still had some chill in it. Jim and Janet built a fire every night in their fireplace. We had a lovely time, in spite of cooler temperatures than we expected

I am experiencing some discomfort under my arm where scar tissue continues to be a problem. I slacked off on my exercises, so perhaps that is at least part of the problem. This is a condition I expect will always be a problem. It's just a matter of my making up my mind to stay after it with exercise and self massage.

I have puttered around in my yard a little this week. I brought back a few petunias I found on the reduced rack at Lowes. I have planted them in pots since the chickens would decimate them in the ground. I scattered quite a few wildflower seeds a month or so ago and so far don't see any plants coming up. Wondering if the chickens got those too.



  1. I ran across your blog because you mentioned Sanibel in it. :) Sorry you didn't get a picture of the Roseate Spoonbills, but the others are very nice.

    I've become a Follower, so that I can check in now and then to see how you are doing. Wishing you great progress. :)

  2. Thank you for your interest. Do you live in the Ft. Myers area? I live in north central Florida, where many of the beautiful springs are.

  3. Okay, so I visited your blog and found that you are on Sanibel. What a great place to live! I looked for a way to become a follower of your blog, but found none. We were there during the shell show but didn't stop. After seeing your photos, I wish we had. But, we had our men along and it was pretty crowded, so we just kept moving.