Monday, March 15, 2010

Infusion #4

By this evening I will be past the half-way point with my chemo infusions. I have made a habit of saying when asked how I'm tolerating the infusions that "so far" I have done very well. I guess in the back of my mind, I think they will snowball on me sooner or later. Anyway, I covet your prayers for continued tolerance and blood reports that allow the infusions to continue.

When we go to the infusion center we meet and/or see others who are in much worse condition than I am. People tell me all the time how positive I am, what a trooper I am. I must say, Stage II cancer with a positive prognosis is much easier to be positive about than say, Stages III, IV, etc. or in situations where the cancer has gone to other organs of the body including the brain. I met a lady last time, Alice, who is going through her second round of chemo. The cancer is in her brain and her husband shared with Cary she has very little time. I am hoping to see her today.

I have to take a medication the day before, the day of and the day after my infusions. It typically robs me of sleep. Last night I went to sleep about midnight and awoke before 5 a.m. It wasn't long before I heard the Sultan crowing away. Once he gets started crowing in the mornings, he keeps up a steady chorus. I wondered why roosters crow, so I looked it up on google. The best anyone can say is that roosters crow to establish that they are here, this is their territory and by the way, I have this harem of hens that are all mine - so, "back off buddy." The experts seem to think our domesticated chickens are descended from the wild red jungle fowl. When I googled the red jungle fowl I got a picture of guess who? Someone who looked strikingly like the Sultan! The things you learn.

Namasta (I honor the Spirit within you that is also within me),


  1. Aha! The Sultan hasn't fallen far from the tree! That explains it.

  2. Hi!

    Thought you might like to follow my jewelry friend, Dotty in Texas...

    >>Dear Dotty,

    I don't often write comments but I think of you every day. -- Thought you might enjoy reading my friend, Linda Gail's treatment and journey blog. -- I've added you to my prayer list long ago. <<

    Dotty lives in TX but is having treatments in LR ARK and I have known her since 96-97.

    See you THUR but if you are not feeling well, please let us know.

    xox, Laurel ~

  3. Thanks for the link, Laurel. My treatment went very well yesterday. I didn't flush as badly yesterday as I did the time before. Don't know what the difference was. I am still planning on Thursday, though it may not be as "fancy" as others do for the book club. Celeste probably won't be here. Hope everyone else can come.

    I read your friend, Dottie's blog, and we've corresponded a little. Her situation is much more serious with the stem cell harvesting. We have a Canadian lady in our church who went through that and it is very scary. I count my blessings everyday!

    See you Thursday!