Friday, January 15, 2010

Back Pain

Last night I experienced perhaps the most excruciating pain I've ever had with my back. The lower back started spasms and would not relent. I laid in warm bath water, then used a heating pad to no avail. I was finally able to go to sleep with my knees pulled up and sometime during the night I was able to relax into a normal sleeping position. I have been trying to decide what brought this on. A call to my physical therapist may shed some light. I just started exercises this week and think I may have twisted my back in the process.

Enough about pain! Look at that sunshine this morning and it's warmer! Hallelujah! We can all do with some outdoor time. My yard is in shambles, but someone else will have to clean it up.

The death and destruction in Haiti boggles the mind. It is almost impossible, even with the videos coming out of there, to imagine the suffering of the people of Haiti. Insulated as we are, our hearts must take time to sympathize and pray for them. I hear a cardinal singing outside, the sun is bright, my pain is gone and I feel a little guilty because I'm so blessed.

Bless you all,
Linda Gail

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