Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight I went to yoga for the first time in several weeks. Every asana we practiced lent itself to stretching areas of my body that so badly needed it. I knew before I was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery that the practice of yoga, the meditations we do, and the power we generate as a group, has made me a stronger, more resilient individual than I would have been on my own.

I have almost full range of my left arm in spite of the fact I lost my axillary lymph nodes (12 of them) on that side and have nerve damage from the surgery.

I especially want to thank Nitya and Gita for their faithful service to all of us, and to me in particular. Their caring expressions of love and concern reach out to each of us where we need it the most. They do more than lead us in yoga. They make us a priority in their lives.

The reception I received tonight from all the members of the group made me feel like a celebrity. It is difficult to express how it felt to come back to the group and hear shouts of exultation because I was there!

Thank you, dear friends, one and all. Each one of you has contributed to my well being in your own precious way.

I thank my Father in Heaven for each and every one of you.

Linda Gail

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