Thursday, January 7, 2010


I made myself a very dirty martini tonight as my pre-reward for tomorrow's chemo. After all, we should celebrate every time we have the slightest excuse.

I know I am in God's hands. As that chemo is coursing through my veins, I am going to imagine that the chemo is God's Spirit going through my body to convert any cells that don't belong there and protecting those that do. I found imagery very powerful before my surgery. I think we don't use our imaginations enough to think of good things. I also plan to take a hand carved cross with me and several of my favorite scriptures.

So, good night all. I love you and hope I feel up to giving you a full report tomorrow evening.

Linda Gail
PS: The little hen who was so intent on "nesting" has gone back to her hidden nest during the day and only comes back to the rest of the flock at night to roost. We believe she is sitting on the old nest still hoping for biddies. So today, between Cary and I, we have narrowed the area she's going to and hope to find her nest. We plan to get fertilized eggs from a friend and place her in a cage and let that little Mama do her thing!

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  1. Dear Linda,

    I am hoping and believing for healing and comfort for you! Your blog has been so encouraging for me to read, even though I am not going through cancer. It's amazing to watch God working in a person's life so personally.

    God Bless,