Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunshine makes me happy!

The chickens are in my line of view resting on the sunny side of an orange tree, fluffing their feathers, taking sand baths(and sun baths) and appear to be mighty contented. Mama Hen, however, is still in a funk over no biddies and separates herself every morning. We assume she goes back to the now defunct "hidden" nest. She's molting and looks pretty sad. We have ordered fertilized eggs coming this weekend, but doubt she will sit on them. Even if she would sit, I doubt she would live through the experience. She started trying to set mid November. So, I guess we'll be in the incubating business! All for one little golden hen!

Yvonne received word this morning that the lymph nodes taken at the time of her surgery are free of cancer. She will have to recover for a few weeks before radiation begins. We are thankful to God for this blessing and count my blessings in too. I have been fairly symptom free from chemo side effects. My appetite continues to be good and I've actually gained a couple of pounds since surgery!

My first physical therapy session went very well yesterday. I have a really thorough, knowledgeable and delightful therapist named Barbara. She spent about 2 1/2 hours with me going over exercises I can do both to stretch the muscles and tissue under my arm and a set of massage type exercises to free up my lymphatic system. I intend to make full use of this resource in order to gain back what I've lost and prepare me for the radiation. Once radiation begins, I'll be set back again as far as physical therapy, but hopefully I will do well enough before then that I will easily be able to recover quickly.

Nitya called today to set our first cooking class for our yoga group. It will be completely vegan which is exciting since we could all do with less meat in our diets. I find I crave vegetables, light broths and soups.

I should get started on a couple of little knitted hats. Dr. Staal told me I would probably lose my hair about the 3rd week after my first treatment. Silas did cut it into a very becoming short cut.

I was just checking my calendar. Out of the next 13 work days, I have appointments in town for 7 of those days! You'd think I was a VIP with all those appointments! It's really great, though, because it gets me out of the house and involved with other people.

If you find you are cold, stop by and back up to our wood burner. Sure fire way (pardon the pun) to warm your fanny!

Love you all,
Linda Gail


  1. Poor little biddie. I hope she likes the fertilized eggs you are getting. How many did you order? Good idea to start knitting the little hats. Love you. JanET

  2. Tattoos are so in, so you have something else to look forward to with radiation!
    What a blessing to hear your upbeat words (and news of mama hen).
    Remember - we love you and pray for you.