Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jitterbug's Bread Pudding with Rum Creme Anglaise

I seem to have food on my mind a lot lately. A few nights ago I was watching Emeril and he prepared a bread pudding recipe that sounded divine! I downloaded the recipe, got my ingredients today and hope to prepare it in the next few days.

I also put on a big pot of my Mama's vegetable soup today. It is also very good. With my next infusion coming up tomorrow, I wanted to be prepared. I dropped by Mother Earth and bought a couple of little snacks I thought I'd like. A friend recommended ginger for indigestion, which was my main problem after my first infusion so I bought ginger tea and raw ginger that has been caramelized. Eaten raw it also serves to expectorate my sinus passages!

Picked up my prosthesis and bras today. Now I'm not lopsided anymore. I also was measured for a compression sleeve which my physical therapist tells me is essential. I will wear it when doing yoga, exercise or hard work (yard work, for instance).

I now have two cute little chemo hats another friend dropped off. I'm ready for my bald pate to appear any day now. It's not as exciting as waiting for biddies to hatch, but there is a degree of healthy curiosity!

Linda Gail

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