Friday, January 15, 2010

Eggs in the Incubator

We are now the proud parents of 21 (hopefully fertilized) eggs, and a brand new incubator. Never realized there was anything to incubating eggs. But, can't be too hot, too cold, too much moisture, not enough, must be careful handling the eggs (I used latex gloves). If I can get Cary to cooperate, we'll fix a little nest where Mama Hen can be locked in and we'll divvy out 4 or 5 eggs just for her. We've got to get some bonding going on here!

I am still feeling punk tonight but at least the back pain is gone. I've used ice today and it helped tremendously. Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help me with my exercises so I won't overdo but still get the optimum benefit. We are doing work on range of motion, sculpting the scar tissue away and my lymphatic system. Now that the lymph nodes on my left side are gone, the lymph tissue must be stimulated in other areas of my body to take on the extra load. I really think working with my lymphatic system is another reason I am feel so punk today.

Linda Gail


  1. And just what, little missy, are you going to do with the other 15 or 16 eggs? If you're only going to give the little hen a small number you'll have a bunch left over. Are you going to ABORT them? LOL! ;-)

    I wish you and Cary well in your incubating efforts. Seriously, will you just be able to put the hatched chicks from the incubator in with the flock and let them do their thing?

    I'm glad to hear your back is better today.

  2. Oh, lucky you to have baby chicks! (Am I counting my chicks before they hatch!?!) What kind of chickens are they going to be?

    Glad you have a friend to help with the exercises. Love, Janet

  3. Cary nixxed the idea of trying to set the hen. And no, I don't think the chicks will be readily accepted by the rest of the chickens. So, they will pretty well be foster chicks.