Monday, January 11, 2010


My sister, Yvonne, had her surgery today. The preliminary report is very good. The doctor doesn't think her lymph nodes are involved. This is the very best of news! She had a lumpectomy and will have to have radiation, but no chemo. Needless to say, we are all very happy!

Today was my 3rd day following my chemo infusion on Friday. I had been told the 3rd day would probably be the worst. Well, if this is the worst, bring it on! I had a great day. We visited my Mother in Trenton, then came back through Gainesville so I could get my neulasta shot (to boost my immune system). We did a little shopping before finally getting home about 4:30 p.m.

I realize the effects of the chemo may become cumulative, so I'm not truly expecting such good results every time. But we have prayed, haven't we, that I would get through this without a lot of trouble? So, I am just accepting each day as a gift and know that whatever the next day brings, my needs will be met.

Tomorrow I go for my first physical therapy session. I am moving pretty well but still have nerve damage. I'm hoping the PT will help revitalize those nerves and I'll be able to use my left arm normally soon.

Good night, and God bless you all.
Linda Gail


  1. Keep the energy coming Lord. So glad for Yvonne. Love you both. Janet

  2. So glad to hear your sister is on the road to recovery. God Bless her.

    You keep your good attitude and we shall all offer our prayers that your recovery is speedy!

    I am fixin' to have you over for tea and cookies or dirty martini's (your choice, ha!) before I finally take downm the Parlor Tree. Will call you... xox

  3. I'm sending out a card to Aunt Von this a.m. The kids have all signed it. I was so relieved to hear that she had a much less invasive procedure. I am even more relieved that you have been spared thus far and will pray with faith knowing that our Lord is able and willing to bless you!