Monday, December 21, 2009

Care Plan Meeting

Our meeting today wasn't exactly what I expected. I saw Dr. Grobmyer again, but will have to wait for appointments to see the radiologist. I need some PT on my shoulder, so after Christmas I will be visiting a physical therapist.

My cancer is stage 2. I may have shared that already. While I won't know for how long and how often, I do know I will have chemo therapy. That comes first. Then I will have radiology and last but not least, I will be treated with a drug called herceptin. For anyone interested in learning more about the Her2 positive factor, the following link that Lindy found should offer some insight. There are all sorts of websites out there about Her2.

My sister had a needle biopsy done today and I am anxious for her results to come back. I am praying hers are negative. She is 70 years old, 71 in January, and is helping her youngest son make a home for his two children. So, please pray for her.

I participated in our church Christmas music yesterday. We had a "Bluegrass Christmas" with all members who could play an instrument participating. It was fun and we had eggnog in the fellowship hall after the program.

I'm looking forward to a few quiet days through Christmas. No doctor appointments, just family, friends and rest. I wish the same for you.


  1. You and your sister are in our prayers, as well as blessing your sister's help with the home for her grandchildren.

    I can imagine you watching your fire from the table. Wood stoves are so quietly soothing. The power within is fierce - the radiating force without is comforting.
    I don't know if I have the scene exactly correct, so I'll need to come by when I come there next to get the picture perfectly in place!

    I cooked treats this year for the holidays and enjoyed it having finally learned how to make fudge to my satisfaction. Do you like fudge? White, dark, with walnuts? The fantasy fudge recipe? Do you have a favorite holiday or fudge recipe?

    Your sister was kind to come and leave you with prepared meals. It is heart warming to see the love being shown to you.

    Buddy sent me this sentiment to share, "He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all - how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?" Rom 8:3

    May the soothing and healing energy of His fierce love and devotion be upon you, and in front of you...

  2. Please do stop by for a visit, Laurie, when you are here again. Sounds as if Buddy is still doing well. I think of him often and say a prayer for him when I do.

    The only prerequisite I put on chocolate is that it have lots of nuts! I love dark chocolate, white chocolate with nuts. It sounds as if you have really enjoyed Christmas cooking this year.

    I find the fire mesmorizing and very relaxing. Cary seems to be enjoying it too. We have had some cold weather and the little wood stove has kept our house (at least the main body of the house) toastly warm.

    Merry Christmas, and please give Buddy our love when you speak with him next.
    Linda Gail