Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drainage Tubes are out!

I can't tell you how glad I am those two little tubes are gone that were running out from under my armpit. Now they are HISTORY!

The pathology report showed no other cancerous tumors in the breast. It revealed that two lymph nodes did have cancer. 10 nodes were taken, so that translates to 1/5 of the nodes had cancer.

We have a meeting on Monday with my team to hear what their recommendations for treatment are. They will meet separately before we get there. I expect chemotherapy and perhaps some radiation, though I did receive a small glimmer of hope the radiation might not be necessary. I'm not building on that too much. I'll just wait until Monday.

Lindy and I went out to dinner after the appointment and did a little shopping. We were both tired so didn't do a lot of shopping. When we got home I asked Lindy to help me candle the eggs under the hen that's been faithfully sitting on eggs for 22 days now. Not one of the 9 eggs had a pip in it so we removed them and put her off the nest. She raised some kind of holy cane. I hope she will forget about those eggs and get on with her life. Cause biddies ain't happening this time. Poor Mama Hen.

Love to all
Linda Gail

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  1. Poor Mama, indeed. It makes me think of that sweet Mama (from my docs office) that lost her baby so close to due date. I'm praying for that whole family right here at Christmas time.