Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everything is A-Okay!

Sorry to be remiss in posting. My sister left yesterday so I'm on my own for the most part today. Cary left today for the hunting woods. He needs the solace. In many ways this has been much harder on him than it has been on me.

Sis left me with lots of individual packets of home made soup, different kinds, so I'm all fixed up on that score. Someone else brought tons of meat, cold slaw and beans. Yum!

I am beginning to receive visitors. Just call ahead and we'll work out a time. I've been spending some time reading, enjoying the lights of Christmas and taking photos as you will see. As a friend recently pointed out, it is a good time to be recovering with the Christmas lights to cheer me. I agree!

I hope the Spirit of Christmas is alive in your hearts. It is a blessed time of year!

Mark with Santa

Christmas Bouquets

Lights & Scenes

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  1. I love the shot of Mickey under the tree! Too bad Mark took off in that Spiderman tee with NO socks on.