Sunday, December 13, 2009

Playin cards and winning!

My sister, Yvonne, and her husband, David, are here. We just played a game of shanghai rummy and I won! I only had to remind them two or three times I have cancer! It works like a charm! :>)

I have felt very well today. Didn't feel the need of a nap, though I did rest for a while.

We have been running the AC while my son-in-laws have installed a wood burning stove. Does that make any sense at all? I'm looking forward to a cool spell when I can sit and just watch the fire. Sis brought me a raft of books to read, so it could stay cold for a while and I wouldn't mind.

I still have the drainage ports but hope to have them removed this week. Lindy and Katie take turns measuring the drainage and taking my temperature. They are both very loving and fun to be with.

Love to all,


  1. I just realized where the comment thing was. Then I tried posting one and I'm not sure it worked. Here it is (again?).
    This blog is great. I appreciate getting news about you and yours every day. I've been following you since the beginning.

    Rich has nothing on me. Well, maybe the Jerusalem part . . . and the church part . . . but I lit a candle for you, too. On the day of your surgery I made my own "Linda Shrine" in the dining room with an angel figurine (you) and flowers (of course for you) and a candle. The candle burned all of the time I was home. My thoughts and prayers were with you and Cary.

    And now you're home and kicking backsides with cards, and reading, and just being you.

    I am glad. Keep the news coming.


  2. Mary Ann, I love all the endearments coming my way. A "Linda Shrine"? I like that too! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I really did feel (and continue to feel) protected by fierce angels and the shadow of the Almighty. All those prayers and thoughts ( and yes, lit candles) had to have provided the buoyancy that swept me up and held me during this time.

    Love you,

  3. That is just too sweet, Mary Ann. It helps me to focus during prayer to light a candle. I'm so glad to know that so many prayers have gone up on behalf of Mom.