Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friends, Near and Far

Earlier this week a friend wrote from Jerusalem offering to light candles for me in the Church of the Sepulcher. To my knowledge no one has ever lit candles for me before, much less in the Holy City where the Light of the World offered Himself so light would shine through all of us! Thank you, dear Rich, for this beautiful gift!

Calls, cards, and e-mails are coming daily with friends pledging their support in their thoughts and prayers.

My McIntosh Undercover book club friends brought me Gregg Mortensen's new book on his work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His book, "Three Cups of Tea" changed my conception of what one person can do to change the world. I recommend it to anyone who truly wants to gain a better understanding of how to combat the problems that exist in the Near East and our western mindset.

Tonight my dear yoggi friends offered deep meditation and healing life forces toward me as part of our yoga class. This group of women have truly been a source of encouragement for me in building my own physical and spiritual strength. Together our energies nourish each other and that energy goes with us when we leave class.

We all have close friends who have endured losses many more times difficult than what I am facing. Let us pray for them.

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