Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

I never realized how difficult photographing a fire is! So, in the event you can't make the image out, that is a cozy fire in our wood burning stove which my son in laws recently installed. It is now one of my greatest sources of tangible comfort. I've asked Cary to allow me to occupy his place at the dining table so I can glance over at the fire while dining. The other seats don't offer this view. He has sat at that place for as long as we've lived here. Think I'm over using my new found power? Well, maybe we'll trade off!

So many kindnesses have come my way. It is very humbling, yet encouraging, to know how many people are concerned for me. All this causes me to reflect on the past, when other members of our community have been ill, or had some sort of concern, and I try to remember if I have been as kind and like minded as I find my neighbors and friends to be. Especially at this time of year when everyone is dashing madly about preparing for Christmas, it amazes me how people take the time to show their love and concern.

I will be able to report later on the care plan. I have a few questions for the doctor. I have tried to study Susan Love's Breast Book and find myself distracted because I want to be doing projects for Christmas also.

Mama Hen decided to rejoin her sisters and "The Sultan" yesterday. I'm glad, because all through that howling storm the other night I thought of her out somewhere sitting alone on her first nest, on eggs long since past reviving.

Linda Gail

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