Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A special discovery.

To those of you whom I have not lamented to, I discovered a couple of weeks ago I couldn't find a favorite dress of mine. It's a Jessica Howard, very warm, which I have had for several years. I only wear it once or twice each winter, if I'm lucky, because it is so warm. I wanted to wear it to a special church dinner the first of December. I looked high, I looked low, but couldn't find it. I finally decided I had taken it to the dry cleaners and forgotten to go get it. I was sick about it. In fact, I remember thinking how inappropriate my grief over the loss of the dress was, considering I had weightier matters on my mind.

Anyway, today I was rummaging through my chest of drawers, and there in the bottom was my dress! It's hard to express the elation I felt. It was a gift, truly a gift, to find that dress! The kind of gift that reaffirms that the spirits are out there, working on my behalf, even for something as materialistic as a dress. Actually, it isn't materialistic. That dress made me feel good when I wore it and it was that loss I felt.

Okay, I'm enclosing a photo of the dress. I must admit it doesn't look like much on a hanger.(May I say, it looks a lot better on me?) I can't find a photo of me wearing it, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Like so many things we take for granted, we don't truly appreciate it until it's gone.

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