Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is Past

Our family get together was on Christmas Eve. Bobbie brought white chili and Mexican cornbread. Sandy brought a pumpkin/ginger snap souffle'. I had made lots of eggnog. All of our children and grandchildren were here except Ana and Olivia, who are celebrating Christmas with their mother in New York. I've talked to Ana a couple of times and she is thrilled with the snow - wants to move up there! Most everyone made it to a Christmas Eve service. I stayed home. I was tired and due to the change of weather, I hadn't felt very well all day. That was kind of a bummer since I had been feeling great all along. There was no pressure on me to do anything, which made the day easier.

Our little wood stove burner has been a real source of comfort for both me and Cary. It's amazing the space it warms in the house.

Our grandson, Jay, gave Sandy a beautiful diamond ring and we expect wedding bells very soon. As a couple, they compliment each other beautifully. So now we can realistically begin to look forward to becoming great grandparents. Not rushing them or anything. LOL!

My sister's biopsy came back positive for ductal carcinoma. They have not checked her lymph nodes yet and we don't know if her cancer is invasive. Please pray her cancer can be managed with a lumpectomy, period. I plan to talk to my doctor about genetic counseling now that there are two of us with cancer.

Cary and I visited Mother yesterday, Christmas Day. That has been our tradition now for 8 years. We had lunch with her and I took a gallon jar of ambrosia to share with everyone on her unit. She was in good spirits and enjoyed her stocking which Katie and Maggie had stuffed with special items for her.

To all our friends who have brought little gifts of food, flowers, cards,e-mails, and called, we thank you all! We are very blessed to have each and every one of you. I would love to hear how all of you celebrated Christmas.

Love to all,

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