Tuesday, December 1, 2009

daisy lady said...I placed this post last night under comments. Sorry, I just haven't gotten the hang of this blogging thing yet!

Yesterday we met with Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, the breast specialist at the new Shands Cancer Center. He will be looking at all my imaging results, including an MRI I had today, plus the slides with tissue from the biopsy will be examined by the Cancer Center's pathologist. Basically the immediate prognosis is the same - I will have a mastectomy. Where it might diverge from my previous recommendations from my biopsy surgeon is that a Signal node biopsy will be done at the time of surgery which will determine what treatment I receive after surgery. Also, they will examine the right breast thoroughly to determine whether it may be involved also. From my conversation with Dr. G and his staff I don't feel the "fear" factor and feel we have plenty of time to make informed decisions. If only the left breast is involved then I must decide whether to have reconstruction at the time of surgery. I feel right now that I will probably opt for that. On the other hand, if both breasts are involved, I will probably opt not to have reconstructive surgery. Hey! I was a young person through the hippy generation and still chafe at having to wear a brassiere! Just think of the money I will save not having to buy one of those damned contraptions ever again! Is that too much information? :>) I am confident that a competent, measured assessment will be made on my behalf by Dr. G and his associates and feel comfortable placing myself in their care. The cancer has not been staged yet and we are still waiting for two numbers to come in from pathology. One is the Her2 and the other the hormonal response test.

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  1. I can appreciate bra-lessness and I'm not a hippie! Your candor, humor and great attitude are greatly reassuring, Mom.