Sunday, December 27, 2009

That Dress!

I wore my "lost" dress today to church. Made me feel great. Why do we rely on the outward appearance so much? Have an idea I will learn not to rely on it as time goes by and I continue to adjust to my new "figure".

Cary, Si and I watched "Julie and Julia" this afternoon on pay TV. Some of Julie's remarks about keeping a blog struck home. Projecting into the ether does make one feel rather narcissistic! That's okay, because in the ether I believe there are ears listening with their hearts.



  1. Indeed there are ears listening to you. And ears that love you. And I certainly DO hope the dress looks better on you than the hangar! Actually I'm just messing with you. It looks to be a timeless classic. I'm glad you found it.

  2. Are you home again? I've missed you, even though the only contact we've had in a while is via the internet. Happy New Year! Namaste.