Friday, December 11, 2009


Mom is resting comfortably at home. I can only surmise at how she is, as I haven't seen her yet. What I heard is that she was up and walking around this morning! I can hardly imagine that after her surgery yesterday. I guess I should have known that Mom would be resilient.

She is still resting and we will post when she is ready to take calls or visits. We feel so blessed at the prayers, well-wishes, calls and cards of so many of you. Please keep praying. God is good and faithful to hear the fervent prayers of the righteous. And if you don't think you are righteous, remember the Cross. He died once for all of our sins and you don't have to hang your head anymore!

Enough with the sermons, more information later.



  1. Linda,

    I love seeing here the love your daughters have for you, and for our Lord.

    Thank you for the love and kindnesses you have shown to Buddy and me.

    You and all of your family are in our prayers, and in the prayers of those who love us.

    Prayer is how Jacob began each of his journeys.


  2. Thank you, Laura. We love you too and pray for you both, that the Lord will strengthen you and continue to bless you through this journey you are on.

    Sincerely, Linda