Monday, December 28, 2009

Meeting with Hemotology Oncologist

I have a sheaf of papers to read through and hopefully understand. Mostly it seemed to me the meeting was about internet resources and worst case complications. However, despite all that, I came away feeling reassured that chemo is doable. My first session hasn't been scheduled yet but I expect it to be after the 1st of January. If all goes according to the schedule, I will have a session every 3 weeks totaling 6 sessions. The first session will last 6 hours, the rest should last 3 hours. The herceptin drug will be administered concurrent with the chemo but will continue possibly up to a year.

My meeting with the radiologist is next week on the 5th, and that will be another schedule to keep, though I understand the radiology will be administered after chemo is finished. I also have a physical therapy session scheduled on the 7th.

Enough about medicine and doctors! How about this Florida weather? We've kept our little wood stove going since it was installed. Cary still keeps the TV on, but I'd just as soon just sit and watch the flames as they dance in the stove. Anybody want to come watch the fire with us?

Happy New Year, and don't forget to make at least one New Year's resolution!

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  1. Yeah, I know about the TV! It stays on at my house as well. Glad to know about the unusually short time for the chemo. Maybe the radiation will be just as short.
    Happy New Year (Happier than last year?)